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New Patient:
If you have not yet been seen at the Kitaj Headache Center there are both both informational forms and forms that must be filled out by all new patients.
If you can open PDF files you can download these forms onto your computer and print them out. Again, print single sided only. Click here: PDF: Print Forms.  If you do not have "Word" and you cannot open PDF files, then by clicking here, Download Adobe, you can for no cost get the Adobe Reader installed on your computer. The purpose of the Adobe Reader is to read PDF files.
If you do not have computer access with a printer attached then call the office and have these forms mailed to you.
If you have access to a computer which has a printer attached you have two choices:
If you have "Word" installed and want to print the forms (print one sided only) and then fill them out, click here: Word: Print Forms.
You can return these forms when you arrive for your first visit. Please come 15 minutes early so that you can be registered.